Solving Systems of Equations with Algebra Tiles

To solve the system of equations x + y = 8 and x – y = 4, start by isolating the variable in the first equation. Add a negative y tile on each side and remove zero pairs. The variable x equals 8 – y. So in the second equation, substitute the x tile with 8 – y and simplify to create the equation 8 – 2y = 4. To isolate for y in the second equation, add 8 negative unit tiles to each side and make zero pairs. Next create two equal groups to find that y equals 2. Now return to the first equation and substitute y with 2 positive unit tiles to create the equation x = 8 – 2. Make zero pairs to find that x equals 6. So the solution to the system of equations is x = 6 and y = 2.

Solving Systems of Equations using the Brainingcamp Algebra Tiles virtual manipulative.

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