Square Numbers & Square Roots with Color Tiles

A square number is the product of a number and itself. To find 3², model the product 3 × 3 as an array 3 units high and 3 units wide. There are 9 units in total, so 3² = 9. The square root of a number is the number, that when multiplied by itself, equals the original number. To find the square root of 16, make a square using 16 tiles. Each side is 4 tiles long, so the square root of 16 is 4. To find the square roots of 20, try to make a square using 20 tiles. Since 20 tiles cannot form a square, the number 20 is not a perfect square. Because 20 makes a square greater than 4×4 but smaller than 5×5, the square root of 20 can be estimated as a number between 4 and 5.

Square Numbers & Square Roots using the Brainingcamp Color Tiles virtual manipulative.

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