Cuisenaire® Rods

These virtual colored rods vary in length from 1 to 10 units and help students visualize and manipulate numbers.


  • Colored number rods varying in length from 1 to 10 units
  • Easy to add, drag, rotate, and remove rods
  • Snapping for easy placement and alignment
  • Optional square grid to more easily see rod lengths
  • Number line
  • Labels (integers, decimals, fractions)
  • Annotation feature to write on the screen with a finger


  1. Skip Counting
  2. Adding Integers
  3. Subtracting Integers
  4. Multiplying Integers
  5. Dividing Integers
  6. Dividing Integers with Remainders
  7. Understanding Fractions
  8. Comparing Fractions
  9. Equivalent Fractions
  10. Common Denominators
  11. Adding Fractions
  12. Subtracting Fractions
  13. Factors
  14. Ratios and Proportions

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The Cuisenaire® Rods name, rod colors, and color sequence are the intellectual property of hand2mind, Inc. and used with special permission.