Easily stretch bands around pegs to explore geometric and other math concepts. Choose rectangular or circular grids in either small or large sizes.


  • Multi-colored bands
  • Easily stretch and reshape bands
  • Add and delete vertices
  • Turn fills on or off
  • Simple or expanded grids
  • Square or circular grid types
  • Copy shapes


  1. Two-Dimensional Shapes
  2. Partitioning Rectangles
  3. Identifying Unit Fractions (Halves, Thirds, and Fourths)
  4. Understanding Area
  5. Area of Rectangles
  6. Area of Parallelograms
  7. Area of Triangles
  8. Area of Composite Figures
  9. Perimeter
  10. Area and Perimeter
  11. Equivalent Fractions
  12. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

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