Pattern Blocks

These virtual pattern blocks let you do everything you can with physical pattern blocks, plus much more: easily align and snap, toggle grids, and work with fractions and decimals.


  • Easy drag, copy and snap
  • Grouping
  • Rotate
  • Horizontal and vertical flip
  • Convenient triangular grid
  • Snapping for easy placement and alignment
  • Pen tools for annotations and labels


  1. Understanding Fractions
  2. Equivalent Fractions
  3. Mixed Numbers
  4. Adding Fractions (like denominators)
  5. Adding Fractions (unlike denominators)
  6. Subtracting Fractions
  7. Dividing Fractions
  8. Patterns
  9. Ratios and Proportions
  10. Congruence
  11. Similarity
  12. Lines of Symmetry
  13. Tessellations and tiling

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