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Call 888.967.2267 or email sales@brainingcamp.com

W-9. Please email sales@brainingcamp.com for a W-9.

PURCHASE ORDERS. Please download this order form which can be used with your purchase orders.

COUNTRIES AND CURRENCIES. Please email sales@brainingcamp.com for a local quote and payment options.

COMPATIBLE DEVICES. Works on Chromebooks, PCs, Macs, iPads, and Interactive Whiteboards. While iPad users can access Brainingcamp through iPad’s web browsers, for a better experience they can download this free app and sign in to unlock all the manipulatives: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/manipulative-of-the-week/id1173021675

USERS AND ACCOUNTS. School licenses have a designated Administrator who adds teachers using a simple mass import, or gives teachers a school Join Code to self-enroll. School and Class licenses use shared generic student accounts (rather than individual student accounts). This makes student setup incredibly easy and eliminates privacy concerns. Students use Brainingcamp completely anonymously, without ever transmitting or storing any personally identifiable confidential data. Administrators create shared accounts for all students in the school, or teachers create shared accounts for just their students.

INSTALLATION AND REQUIREMENTS. Brainingcamp is entirely web based and does not need to be installed. The site requires modest broadband internet speed and a relatively modern web browser with caching enabled.

START AND END DATES. Licenses are for 12-month terms that start when orders are received and processed. Please indicate on your order or contact us if you want a different start date. You may also contact us to discuss any special circumstances requiring a term different from 12-months.

TEACHER, CLASS, AND SCHOOL LICENSES. Teacher licenses are for individual teachers who want to demo or present with a projector or interactive whiteboard. Class licenses are for teachers who also want their students to work individually on any device at school and at home. School licenses are for institutions that want access for any teachers or student users without worrying about user counts. A teacher license covers everyone teaching or enrolled at a single campus.

STUDENT DATA AND PRIVACY. Because manipulatives are more like open-ended tools than personalized curriculum, students share generic accounts that contain absolutely no personally identifiable data. Brainingcamp is designed so students remain completely anonymous, without collecting, capturing, using, storing, or accepting any personally identifiable confidential student data.

APPROVED VENDOR. If you are unsure whether we are an approved vendor, or need help getting us setup as an approved vendor, please contact sales@brainingcamp.com.