New Generation of Virtual Manipulatives

Let's face it - your virtual manipulatives are not used because they are not good enough. That's probably why they were free with your textbook or free on the Internet. Brainingcamp is a completely new generation of Virtual Manipulatives. Teachers and students love using Brainingcamp to make abstract math more visual, concrete, and engaging.

1. Match Physical Manipulatives

Brainingcamp virtual manipulatives precisely match the color and style of ETA hand2mind physical manipulatives so that students can seamlessly transition between the two.

2. Lesson Ideas

Brainingcamp has 100+ videos showing how to use the virtual manipulatives to teach different math topics.

3. Work on All Devices

Brainingcamp works on PC, Mac, Chromebook, and iPad. So you and your students can access virtual manipulatives on all school and home devices without restriction.

4. Easy to Use

Brainingcamp’s user interface is meticulously designed to be fast to learn and use. Students will be dragging, snapping, and exploring changes in minutes.

5. Includes all Important Manipulatives

ETA hand2mind and Brainingcamp partnered to ensure you get virtual versions of all 12 of the most popular physical manipulatives, with even more virtual manipulatives on the way.

6. Deepens Understanding

Brainingcamp is engineered for learning. The manipulatives include features like animated grouping, zero pairs, custom labels, real-time feedback, number lines, graphs, and so much more.

7. Limitless Application

You can use Brainingcamp for endless topics. Take advantage of built-in mats, number lines, graphs, factor tracks, place value charts, part-part-whole charts, and so much more.

8. Engages Students

Brainingcamp manipulatives are big, bright, and engaging. Your students will be self-motivate to explore because they can work so easily and receive real-time feedback.